Building a Deuterium Fusor

(The picture included in this post is not my fusor, but similar to what I am beginning work on)

I believe pretty firmly that our generation got dealt a bad hand; we are constantly reminded of an “energy crisis” and so on an so forth, and made to feel by the news media that we can never enjoy wealth because the past generations skewed the economy against us. While its true oil is abundant enough to last well into the 22nd century and possibly beyond from my research, nuclear would be far better if it was used in a way that oh, gee didn’t involve idiots and violence. The 1940’s dream was a future of autonomous robotics, flying cars, and fusion powered homes; one we could never realize because of war. The DPRK is seemingly the last culture on earth to cling onto the fad of nuclear weapons as a negotiating tool – not even nations of the middle east want to pursue this route of warfare or negotiation this strongly. Ultimately this is the single factor hold us back from a future of nearly limitless power, a re-defined meaning of “work” and pushing forth into space while keeping our air & oceans clean.

The risk of nuclear waste being environmentally unfriendly is largely a myth if handled correctly. Your cell phone emits more radiation than most Uranium. The following is from Columbia K-1 Project for Nuclear Studies:

Following the atomic explosion over Hiroshima, many survivors feared that nothing would grow on the decimated earth. By the time spring of 1946 arrived, the citizens of Hiroshima were surprised to find the landscape dotted with the blooming red petals of the oleander. The oleander flower, called the kyochikuto in Japanese, dispelled worries that the destroyed city had lost all its fertility and inspired the population with hope that Hiroshima would soon recover from the tragic bombing.”

The bombs dropped in 1945 there and the health effects have been dealt with, people moved back and rebuilt Hiroshima. Evidently there were flowers and vegetation growing back literally one year later. So while this was tragic for them, and very destructive it gave us perspective. Chernobyl has a similar story, it has cooled down to a rate where people could live there once more if they so desired, and tourists frequent the place now. So environmentally speaking, nuclear radiation from accidents or dare I say, war, isn’t truly as awful as science fiction or the Fallout series would have you believe.

The reason you millennials get up and work at some “tech” company with beanbags making a useless app or forced to work in a post office like myself (USPS alone produces more carbon annually than NYC and LA combined) is because our parents generation got distracted and didn’t deal with things head on to redefine “profit” and “revenue” in our economy. Most of the 3 billion working people on earth would not have to work if we had unlimited energy and then applied the forthcoming AI revolution properly. Just Sayn’

Any updates on my fusor will be posted here on!

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