The Boomer Generation Failed.


I’m this close to deleting my LinkedIn finally putting the nail in the coffin on all my social media outlets besides my personal website. Why is this the case though? Well, lets take a look at all of the articles I’m bombarded with daily about “Millennials” – the generation born at the crux of our planet’s population mania.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 7.27.36 AM

Millennials upbringing, and the abundance of human life around us is due to the fact that the majority of the beginning of the 20th century was characterized by extreme violence, poverty, genocide, and war. Following that was our most of our parents and even grandparents generation; characterized by financial prosperity, space programs, suppressed violence, the personal computer, and finally – the internet. Foremost, this progress was derived from was by standing on the shoulders of giants; and most people you know as household names of success were just contemporary marketing schemes building on previous innovations.

The boomer generation seemed to forget how the German V-2 Missiles of late WWII gave way to the American Grumman Lunar Lander Vehicle, Space Shuttle, and the Soviet Soyuz capsule. But our parents and grandparents predominately chose to watch this all on television, read about it in the papers, and then accept it over a cup of coffee at their average job while they take a sip of their coffee and say “We did it again.”  Like they had some part in building the thruster; when in reality they took a bitch desk job at Proctor & Gamble.

It doesn’t matter if your dad is a plumber or Donald Trump. Doesn’t matter if your mother was working a brothel or the Queen of England during the time these people had to “grow up.” The boomer generation ultimately gave up on progressing our species because they chose to say “we” instead of “me” – the boomer generation are the type of people know the Titanic is sinking and pass a maritime law amidst the chaos stating all passengers must stay on board for camaraderie so nobody dies alone, and nobody lives with survivor’s guilt.

Most millennials don’t have much money or are in debt because the financial system is skewed towards boomers sitting around and doing nothing with their 63+ years; relying on toxic ideologies like “let your money work for you” and “think and grow rich” fact that they had 5+ kids, saved, invested, and had an honorable career.

Unfortunately, not all of this holds up today.  As a proud Millennial, risk taker, and builder; I am going to utilize Artificial Intelligence to undermine this idiocracy of a government, liberate those who want to be free, exterminate money from our vocabulary, and last but not least – replace “work” with “art” henceforth building a society where people who can’t or won’t create new things will be condemned to poverty like those who do not “work” today.

If I do not fancy you; as a friend, colleague, employee or otherwise; take this as my Terms and Conditions… I will swiftly and surely replace you down to your slightest intricacies with the new OS I have created called L.U.C.I. – the Lifetime Upgradeable Computer Interface.




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