Ethereum Devcon3

In town in Cancun for Ethereum’s 3rd annual developer conference, and really – I have to say my mind is completely elsewhere. Enjoying this as a “working vacation” is really starting to have a nice ring to it. There is seriously nothing like having sand and water at your toes with an ice cold beer I must say; especially when it first drops below freezing in Minnesota and starts snowing. Although I am carefully planning to build a very traditional banking service that offers special tools and resources for average people to take out loans through a banking system that employs “intelligent fractional reserve” to allow for a really pretty vanilla DAO contract to provide a means for people who store their money in a bank to act as a shareholder and vote with or against the board of directors on what business decisions should be made with their money at large while it is stored and invested in this system.

I just really don’t want to try to reinvent the wheel when the obvious use for this technology is just screaming right in front of me… Start a bank! A bank that respects privacy, and allows for painless one-click tax prep in April using blockchain technology to organize and stand up the bank’s ledger to be processed by software (either proprietary or potentially an existing solution.) This essentially allows for customers of this bank to receive pre-prepared return-free income taxes every year. This means that there would be no hassle with the IRS for the average United States Citizen any longer, and that is probably the biggest fiscal innovation I can see in this system in its current form. Something that can be really easily implemented without a ton of technical knowledge and then following that – can be stood up legally within the United States.

Zen inc. – Yeah, thats me now….

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