Well I’ve neglected to post on here for a very long time, but I’ve made it first priority as of now to start putting something out there. I neglect Facebook, Twitter and most social media because I like to stay focused. I’ve been working steadily and investing in digital currency – I topped 6 figures as a mail carrier for the USPS in the last 365 days. 

Unfortunately, grinding like this has kept me from fulfilling my artistic fervour and wanderlust. But I know this is only temporary, I need to keep trucking and make the money to pursue the biggest passion and goal of my life. Beyond anything I will ever accomplish, this will be a magnum opus. Consider this blog and my posts to be a “public journal” – something like a lot of people use social media for. Only there’s one catch, nobody will see this for a long, long time. Facebook, and all means of sharing information in a social manner keep updates hot and ready for everyone and anyone in your social sphere. 

Even someone with many friends could make a personal website nowadays and their proprietary social platforms could far outperform such a means of sharing – many close friends never even discovering the blog or website dedicated to this person they know and love. 

I assume this to generally be the case with this site, but I see it as a special opportunity to hide some of the greatest secrets and treasures of my daily life. 

Since I posted here last, for example – I’ve come upon the opportunity to make thousands of dollars daily, and I’ve also picked up a dedicated typewriter to keep steady progress on my book ‘444.’

Sometimes it gets to me how boring and mundane my life has become, but I promise only the greatest for the near and intermediate future. 
PS this little guy joined the family.

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