2016 Update

Figured I would put something up to say I did post to this blog in the year 2016. It’s been a wild ride this year from fantasy football startups to writing a novel that I intend to share with a select few individuals at some point in the near future. The novel is probably one of my most important projects at this given moment, and something that I put a lot of thought into before I go to put words down. I don’t just write to write, and I take plentiful breaks in-between my writing sessions (sometimes days) my philosophical approach to writing is that it gets done when it gets done. I don’t want to put something I consider to be a personal opus out into the world unfinished. There are so many awesome things and ideas I need to convey in a precise and tactful manner as to not cause the immolation of the structural integrity of the overall plot and approach to communicating futurist ideas. Mind you that I use fiction blended with non-fiction autobiographical writing as a literary mechanism to convey how things could easily grow from where they are today to where they are described to be in the novel. These ideals, however, are dependent on a level of chronological understanding. While I do intend for the book to be modular and each chapter to tell it’s own story; I also want to make a greater message that relies on the book being read in a rigid, traditional manner from beginning to end. 

Hope this gives an adequate update. I really like to keep anyone who might stumble upon this blog updated with where I am at in my life. I am not really a huge proponent of social media, so it’s hard to keep up with me in any other way!

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