What I learned from a long social media break.

A little over a year ago in August of 2014 I deleted every one of my social media accounts. Made backups of the ones I could, but nonetheless I didn’t just deactivate – I full out deleted every. single. account. This meant that my computer, phone and any other internet connected device would only be used for productivity in a very traditional sense (well as traditional as using a computer can get)

During the year or so I spent without any social media in my life, I have to say I saw some really difficult to cope with cultural shifts in our society’s youth. I couldn’t really connect with anyone my age because their lives are so dictated by these devices that it almost shuts down face-to-face connection as a comfortable medium of communication. Kids would rather text, snap, and tweet. I’m not sure if this is definitively a good or bad thing. Because see – doing all of these things through a smartphone which you have to awkwardly look down at is going to eventually give way to something more graceful and integrated into the human experience. Myself and others have long speculated that augmented reality would be this means of next-gen content consumption.

But the years rolled on and everyone is still pretty glued to their smartphones. There has to be something that would break this connection more. It’s obviously not voice dictation because this is still seldom used by most people. Sure, I use it and some others use it on a very incidental basis – but is it really something that changes the way we interact with our phones on the daily? Not really for the most part. Although it is novel when I get a new google now update. This is going to keep my thoughts churning over the next few days.

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