Ray Ban Bullet Hole Shooter Mod (Part 1)

ShooterI purchased this pair of sunglasses off ebay for a good price a few weeks ago, a price so good that it makes me almost positive that these are replicas instead of the real thing. But that’s just an excuse to hack them and not feel guilty. 🙂 So I got to thinking one day, I was sitting on my friend’s deck a few days ago and it struck me – the design used for these retro ’70s sunglasses could be applied for something other than vanity. You see that little hole in the front? it measures approximately 9mm, and I thought it would be really interesting to put a camera in there. So I rushed to radioshack – learning that their electronics parts selection was nothing like it used to be. Not a single camera module to be found. I hit the web. After a few hours of searching I found an item titled a ‘Spy Camera’ small enough at 8.34mm diameter to fill the hole. Sweet. Plus it was the last one in stock too, so very happy I got that! I’m planning to route the ribbon cable from the camera down my body and to a raspberry pi in my back pocket which will record my day to an SD card. Eventually I want to move away from the pi to custom hardware that will fit on the arms of the glasses – but that depends entirely on what type of software could be written for this device to interact with a smartphone or watch… Stay tuned for more!  Notebook_Shooter_Drawing

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