The Seahorse

The Seahorse

So I was going about my daily business last week when I came across this man standing at the corner of France ave. and 494 in Edina. He was simply standing here trying to sell his bike it seemed, I was intrigued and decided to run up and make an offer on it. 50 dollars, 100 dollars, 150 dollars… 1000 dollars? Nope, he demanded BIG money. He needed to sit down with designers, get full prototype mockups, and build a perfect version of EXACTLY what he had created here in the picture. Now this was all fine and dandy, someone looking for an investor the old fashioned way – but then I asked him how long he had been at this, and his answer was “since 1993” on the same corner. I asked some people who I work with at the auto shop – and sure enough, he had been standing on this corner with this same bicycle for 10 solid years at the minimum. This shows true determination, but at the same time it shows the breakdown some incredibly creative people face in this world. We sometimes get great ideas completely finished, and expect the world to make the rest happen for us. This can land us in a so-called catch-22 fallacy that leaves us standing on a street corner with a revolutionary invention for 20 years when we may have been just a few steps away from making it happen. This gave me a goal for my life. My goal is to build a scalable system for people to make their wildest dreams come true, to make their custom bike, car, boat, computer, phone, chair, tv, or anything they can imagine come into reality. Because nobody should die having their dreams go unfulfilled, I simply refuse to live in a world that denies people the right to dream.

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