Wall Street.

This past weekend I attended the very first hackathon at the New York City Bitcoin Center – fairly uneventful in the sense of how many people showed up. But making the trip from Minnesota was definitely worth every penny. Seeing something that will truly have a mark on the history of finance forever like this really has an impact on someone who has been in Bitcoin for a while now. This trade floor operation in it’s current state is a blank canvas in my eyes, even the Bitcoin technology itself still holds this luster of what could be in just a few years time.

I imagine a world economy that transcends borders, new standards of fiscal transparency, and last but not least – a new government, fit for the entire world to form as a layer on top of this tech. This idea isn’t unique and is frequently discussed in the Bitcoin / Libertarian community for quite some time now as an idealistic view of how the world could be.

I strongly believe that the the realization of these idealistic goals may be upon us – but not in a traditional sense. Here is how I will break it down, there is not one, but two realities we live in. This obviously is not true from a logical standpoint, but philosophically speaking – most of us live two separate lives that intertwine in a manner that can only be found in the most successful systems in nature. We toggle between the physical realm, and the digital realm. The first is a realm governed by laws of physics, mathematics, and science. Our most distant ancestors have experienced this realm similar to how we have; subject to the cruelties and rewards of this bittersweet existence alone on a floating rock in space. But recent generations have found a way to ‘hack’ these systems put in place by nature and attain a transcendental existence through experiential simulation using modern technology.

This started with simple games, software applications, and tools that over time have evolved to meet digital needs instead of purely physical needs that were once all we knew. We have begun to supplement stimulation of our human needs with knowledge itself – designing foods such as soylent to allow people to circumvent the time consuming process of cooking a meal, turning to hedonistic online activities such as purchasing drugs, gambling, or viewing pornography to fulfill a short term desire that may have once drawn us to find true love or happiness. We go days without sleeping sometimes, because things must get done. All of these activities have their short term benefits – but the cost in the long term can not be determined looking forward.

We are being given so much power as a race at such an exponential rate that it is beginning to seem more and more probable our civilization may implode and fall into a state of anarchist chaos. But nature will not go down without a fight, because you see nature is everywhere – even in technology. It just takes the eye of one person to see through the looking glass and understand what must be done to fix our shortcomings, and with 7 billion people & counting we have lots of minds to begin fixing the mess our predecessors have made. There are a handful of us who exist to open the minds of others and provide them with an idea. 

This is more than just money, it’s an idea to challenge all we have ever known money to be.

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