Against all odds.


Behold, the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Oh and two green plants that somebody decided to grow indoors and set out in the snow. But these aren’t just any plants – they are avocado trees. This plant is indigenous to Mexico and South America and can be only grown in warmer parts of the US such as Southern California and Florida. Now I have been cultivating these plants in my kitchen window sill for about 8 months now against all odds of the nature outside – 2 different plants that started in the same place, the same size cup, and the same time. The difference between the two is that one was given a larger pot when it outgrew it’s plastic chinet cup.

This experiment has taught me many things, but the most important is that the human mind is essentially like a plant that needs to be repotted. Not the human brain – don’t get me wrong. But the sequence of atoms that composes the experience and personality of al person such as you or I. It is no longer possible for evolution to keep up with the rapid pace of human innovation – so our generation in particular is tasked with building this new vessel for the human experience to be planted in for future beings.

The second thing I have learned from these plants – the big one in particular. Is that you can build something, and then rely on it to build itself if you drink from the same oasis. What I mean by this is that every morning when I wake up, I come downstairs and grab a small plastic glass like the one this plant started in and I fill it full with water. I dump half the cup in the plant’s pot, and I drink the other half to help swallow my vitamins. I share a drink every morning with this plant as I check up on it’s growth, the health of it’s leaves, etc. I ration a resource that is seemingly very abundant in the first world for this part of my day every day, I make an effort to drink the same amount as the plant. Everything you could ever want to build works exactly like this.

Against all odds.

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