Right Brain, Left Brain.


So I think I have achieved the ultimate computing setup, the perfect balance between a Mac and a PC. I call it ‘The Brain’ because each caters to a type of thought and computing that comes inherit with that mindset. The Mac is a computer designed to be a piece of art, inside and out. There are highly specialized teams of individuals that worked on every single component of this computer’s industrial design down to the way the keys click, how the machine smells when it comes out of the box, even the sounds generated by the speakers and the light generated by the display is all finely tuned to set a gold standard for all computers. This machine is almost entirely the work of a single company, Apple which set out to build machines that allow people to “Think Different” a play on IBM’s traditional “THINK” slogan from the 1920s. This computer sits on the right side, because it represents the kind of thinking the right brain caters to – it is built for artists, musicians, designers, and people who need something to ‘just work’ as the promise has been with apple products for the last decade.

On the left side is a Lenovo ThinkPad running Ubuntu 13.10 – it sports an entirely black carbon fiber design that is incredibly light and durable. I was surprised how incredibly light this computer was in comparison to the MacBook! It made me research more about how the design for this computer came to be. It was conceived by a privately commissioned Italian designer named Richard Sapper in the early 1990’s for IBM to help give a distinct brand to their laptop line. The design is supposed to mimic a Japanese bento lunchbox – simplicity on the outside, functionality on the inside. The goal was to make a device that did not reveal it’s true purpose until it was opened. The design has remained fairly unchanged since the first iteration, only growing thinner and more compact with time. The ThinkPad brand has changed hands once in 2005 when it was sold to Lenovo who continued the development and design tradition to this day. This laptop features a fingerprint sensor, BIOS utilities, and a convenient keyboard light. It is one of the few manufacturer certified
Ubuntu laptops in existence, but this is what is special about it. It took the work of many different people from no particular syndicate to build this device and the software that runs seamlessly on it over the past 24 years. Going off only industry conventions and standards for hardware and software this device was able to become the “Mac of PC’s” as far as user experience.

It’s incredibly interesting how these 2 Unix based machines made it to our world today, and I think it shows something very special about how humanity works. We meet needs based on how we work, even down to our minds.

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