Bunkydoo, bci.

Today I have made a huge leap in furthering my goals with which is now known as Bunkydoo, bci. Now what does ‘bci.’ stand for? Blockchain incorporated. Yes, today at 12:00 incorporated my project I’m working on into the Bitcoin Blockchain using Manuel Araoz’s there is more information on this service under the ‘About’ page on their site. But in a nutshell, what this service does is build a notarization service on top of the Blockchain for a small fee (roughly $5 USD) This lets a company such as mine incorporate into the blockchain and verify the original copies of a document.

I got the inspiration to do this a few weeks back when I saw a reddit user had created a Blockchain corporation using this same process called . I found the concept of a corporation being completely free of the US government and dollar to be very intriguing – so I decided to build my company as one. I think this is also a very good opportunity to create a new type of tech corporation that is run by the people who use it’s products. So I gave the users of the service a lot of power to dictate how this service will run in these articles of incorporation that will soon be published to bunkydoo.com for everyone to see.

The coming weeks should be very interesting as I launch the product into a closed beta period of testing and begin to get feedback from users on how I can make this service better! Thanks for all your support and I can’t wait to put out something awesome for everyone to use 🙂