Down The Rabbit Hole: Augmented Reality Street / Sky Art

Today I saw some really neat banksy art in my Twitter feed and it sparked a search engine hunt for more information about this art. I came across this article about the gorilla with pink mask painting being covered up by the owner of the Muslim centre. This is just one example of how graffiti can sometimes pester shop or building owners – but at the same time it is beautiful art and is actually gaining some massive value. So I got to thinking, how could we find a compromise for these two worlds? The world of a clean storefront, but also the world of some of the most creative art.alice This fine silver line can be found in the emerging industry of augmented reality, both worlds can exist – but people can make the conscious choice between one or the other. Now how could this work? It would be like a special internet for art, or for real world games, or really any interest you could conceive. I would compare the variety of “themed realities” to a website like reddit – you can zero in on particular interests, congregated on the internet or in real life around these interests, and then also build more content about that area.

Back to the “artnet,” what technologies would be required to make this a reality? Or an augmented reality rather. I personally think we need the advent of binocular heads-up display or HUDs for sale, that provide a versatile OS and privacy of information and the user’s thoughts an interests. We are getting close with Google’s glass and it’s diverse array of competitors and prospective competitors – wearable computing will help developers build web applications that transform our realities. Soon, programming will be like magic in these alternate universes we create through AR – I personally think Javascript, and platforms like Node.js will be huge in helping people build and manipulate their realities at large. I imagine being able to program and deploy apps that help with payment and automation of many different services using something like Node to leverage the asynchronous environments that come inherit with AR. But when it comes to art, especially interactive art, gaming engines will rule. Soon, there might be an app for your glasses that allows you to enter a living universe of art full of banksy-caliber creativity and endless possibility. You could play with the art, paint over the art (Minecraft griefing in real life?), and even add to art. Imagine also being able to simply add a note to the sky, that speaks to you and only you everytime you return to that exact geographic location? Wouldn’t that be incredible? This is just the tip of the iceberg, and not even a fraction of what is to come. It is a beautiful time to be alive.