Many paths to the truth.

Growing up my Dad always took the “many paths to the truth” approach to teaching me about our world’s cultural religious traditions in such a rapidly changing world. We went to many different types of churches, and I learned about everything from Buddhist chants to new age Christianity. It took a long time for me to develop the perspective I have now, but the perspective was really the same all along. I have come to the conclusion from reading texts like the Bible, Quran, and even parts of the book of Mormon that one concept stays very prominent in Abrahamic religion – monotheism. The idea of one god was the foundation for some of the most “successful” religions on the face of planet Earth. Successful being used here as a term relative to the sheer number of living followers today. But what I saw in studying eastern religion was the idea that there are no external laws that govern people, just inner awakening that allows us to manifest as either a positive or negative force in the universe.

Now I never really “picked” a religion so to speak, because they are all very ambiguous in their lessons. Most followers of Abrahamic religions use their books as a guide book or a rule book on how to live a life in good moral standing with god. But from what I have seen across the board – there is no evidence of a god’s existence, and no evidence we get punished after our lives have ended for being “good” or “bad” people. We answer to nobody but ourselves. We create moral standards, we create cultural standards, we created god, we are god. Now something I like to reference is Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” gbrain as you can see in the picture, someone has taken the liberty of drawing the outlines of a brain over God’s blanket that drapes over him and the other humans behind him. This painting symbolizes the moment humans evolved to a point where it was possible to create a race of conscious beings. We are pretty certain that this didn’t happen overnight, but that is symbolized in the painting by all of the humans behind God, all of the people who had to live, reproduce, and die for us to be here in our current form. Now we have a consistent product thanks to these people – the most powerful computer to EVER exist, and that is the human brain.

Our collective consciousness is responsible for the idea of God, for all the events fictional and non-fictional that are written about in our holy books to help guide us through the darkness of the times we didn’t have sufficient technology to light the way. Together, we are God.