Online government & math-based currency


So recently I have been reading a book called “Nature’s Way” by Ed Mcgaa – an Oglala Lakota Indian I met roughly 7 years ago at Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota (I really wish they would finish construction of this!) I purchased a copy of his book way back then and only read a portion of it before shelving it for the past 7 years. Then a few weeks ago I caught the gold lettering on the side of the book in my closet and just picked it up and started reading. This book taught me so much about the reverence for nature the Native American people have held for centuries, it also gave me a sense of urgency – because we only have so much time left to preserve nature’s way before dominant society pollutes and destroys what nature spent billions of years perfecting. Now how do we accomplish this? Well, the title of the article sums up my approach to doing so.

I believe that as our technology increases in power and general availability to the human populace abroad – we have a massive opportunity to augment certain goods and services to be less resource intensive on our environment. For example – imagine waking up in a world where augmented reality is commonplace (full immersion – not a simple HUD like Google’s glass) theoretically if you were carrying a device that had internet and complex graphics capabilities, you could build a social networking platform for something simple like clothing. Instead of buying new physical clothes, people may wear solid black or white shirts and pants and then design an appearance for that t-shirt & pants that for instance renders the shirt green and the pants blue to people in their network. You could change your clothes appearance periodically throughout the day with a simple app that allows you to design clothing yourself – or purchase clothing from a famous designer abroad. This brings us into the next concept – online government & economics.

My solution to the political and economic turmoil the entire world has been facing for the past couple years is simple – we need to change our approach and start using technology to govern our population. Centralized democracy has been the “training wheels” for this concept for the past couple millenniums – now we are to a point where we are ready to govern ourselves as one. I envision a “people’s empire” of sorts – a social political platform that has the ability to be used by anyone with access to the internet on any device, and in some cases override the sovereign government in that particular jurisdiction. This platform will essentially cover 3 bases, the first being politics – allowing anyone and everyone to vote on world issues using the most relevant possible information to the circumstance as a platform for personal decision would be absolutely revolutionary and groundbreaking. The second piece is finance, ecommerce has been a booming industry for about 20 years now – but it has essentially inherited all of the problems fiat currency has brought to the table for centuries. Central governments and their delegated banking organizations have continuously bogged down the world economy in the information age because fiat currency is just not built for the free environment present on the internet. Fiat currency is designed for physical person to person transactions, loans, and credit – but it crumbles in the digital realm because international P2P trade online is much harder to regulate. The final part of this platform is a binary relationship between anonymity and our identified selves. People should be able to place votes on everything from status updates to major & minor issues effecting the world as themselves or as a nameless number that affects an outcome in some way shape or form. The duality between these two personas will drive a new era in human culture – the era where we transcend the people we were born as, and become the people we long to be.