Zen Wardrobe

Screenshot from 2014-01-12 20:13:34

It has probably taken me 3 years to finally have built the perfect wardrobe for optimal personal productivity.

So here’s how it works, there are 14 t-shirts  alotted for every week. Two for each day. There are also 7 pairs of pants, six of which are jeans and one odd ball pair of yellow corduroys which actually is the only article of clothing that exists in this sequence for no reason in particular. Now starting on Monday, I wake up, put on my black t-shirt from 9-5 and dedicate this time to work. Whatever kind of project it may be, it gets my undivided attention when I am wearing a black shirt. Then at the stroke of 5, I change my shirt to the color of the day –  Monday is Red, Tuesday is Orange, Wednesday is Yellow, Thursday is Green, Friday is blue, Saturday is Indigo paired with the yellow corduroys, and Sunday is Violet with Grey jeans.

Since I work from home and have freedom to do almost whatever I want – I felt I needed to add structure. This system works as an active subprocess of everything I do. It is essentially intellectual concept seperation between value generating work (solid black) and play (alternating rainbow colors). I think this has helped my zero in on my day’s ‘A’ priority tasks when I need to, and then find time to relax or work on personal projects when I’m “off”.

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